Leaving Los Angeles

I don’t remember my last few days in Massachusetts before I embarked on a cross country journey to set up shop in Los Angeles. The details are fuzzy. But eventually, I got in my car, which was packed with all my earthly possessions, and hit the Mass Pike with my best friend Kay in his own car, also packed to the gills, just behind mine. We drove 2,961 miles through 12 states over the course of four days. It was just over twelve years ago…

Before the Sox won their first World Series since 1918, and added two more for good measure. Before the Pats took three Super Bowls from too-hot-to-beat NFC teams. Before I stepped foot into a financial company in Santa Monica whose associates would become family to me. Before I became a working musician who produced over fifteen records and was fortunate enough to tour the US and Europe. Before I fell in love for the first time with a beautiful and kind woman who changed my approach to love by introducing me to the ever fickle self-love. Before we split up, too. Before I forged deep and unbreakable ties with kind-hearted men and women who would become dear and meaningful friends. Before I dug deep emotionally and spiritually by reaching out for help from friends, family, professionals, and spiritual places through vulnerability and trust. Before I embarked on the often times lonely process of seeking a partner with whom to reciprocate love. Before I became a “cool” uncle to my brother’s two dynamic and adorably bonkers little kids. Before I went on my lunch break at work on September 11, 2012, and didn’t return to my desk until November 1st. Before my life and vision changed permanently by the two strokes that caused that 50-day absence. Before I realized that I needed a change, and for the first time in twelve years Los Angeles didn’t feel like the right fit for me. Before I sold all my stuff, bought a one-way round-the-world ticket, and said good-bye to my city, my cradle of growth, my home.

I don’t remember my last days in Massachusetts, but I am certainly going to enjoy and relish in the experience of my last days in Los Angeles.