It all started here in 2003. This is a solo project that blends acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizers, found sounds, and field recordings. The main focus with ::t:: is to represent my unfettered self.


Beware of Safety

Beware of Safety is a 5-piece instrumental/post-rock band in Los Angeles. Our music has been featured in film and television, and we have performed throughout the United States and Europe.

The Azure Vault

Six years in the making, The Azure Vault comes out of the gate with an ethereal, contemplative, and expressive EP that finds a balance between a 140 year-old story and a visually motivated musical expression. AV is a project with my friend and musical collaborator Tim Cooper of Signal Hill

Le Sigh

Le Sigh began as the dream-inducing safety of the warm side of the bed; the ambient silence at the bottom of the ocean; the gentle careen of the clouds overhead. It soothes. It relaxes. It breathes. But in 2014, I ventured into the realm of dark ambient music for a series of three releases.

Sleep Uniform

Sleep Uniform is the side project of with my long time friend and musical collaborator Adam Kay.


My remix and production work with other artists and musicians. Send me a note if you'd like to collaborate.